Bold Stories. No Boundaries.

Sugarstar Films is a production company and creative partner.

We create stories all around the world for clients big and small.

We help you do what matters most - deliver work that engages your audience and inspires your team while staying creative and on budget.

With our roster of talented directors and in-house production and post...

We make it easy.

Sugarstar Films is the new iteration of a decade-long partnership between two best friends and founded on a simple premise - commercial production can be done differently.

We've built our business on finding creative solutions to the many challenges that agencies and brands face - not enough time, not enough money, and client requirements that can complicate the creative process.

We’ve spent the last decade solving these challenges and delivering broadcast, social, and experiential content for a wide range of brands, creative concepts, and budgets.

We have a diverse, experienced network of crew members throughout the US and abroad.

Having our own extensive inventory of equipment, allows us to be more flexible in how we budget and strategize your production needs.

Our roster of directors is extensive, but they're not on this site, giving them the flexibility to work with different companies. Just tell us what you need and we can send reels for your project.

Our in-house, post production resources allow us to be a turnkey solution, and we love staying involved from start to finish. Our post team is always on set, so they can begin the editing process while the cameras are still rolling, thereby saving time and catching potential issues before we wrap.

This is how we at Sugarstar Films think about commercial production. This is the reason why companies come back to us again and again.

Try us out and we’re confident you’ll see why.


Casey Unterman
Founder / Executive Producer

Raul Gasteazoro
Founder / Director + Producer